Like most people, you probably can’t afford to miss work, miss out on life, or let down your family by not being there for them because of back pain. But you’re not alone. Did you know that lower back pain (LBP) affects between 70-80% of the population?Maybe that’s why more and more people are turning to back braces and back stabilizers such as those offered by Synergy.

Synergy Back Braces May Improve Your Posture, Reduce Fatigue

Synergy offers a variety of back braces and back stabilizers that provide relief from acute injury or chronic back issues, weakness and fatigue. Back braces can help you maintain a healthy posture and help you get on with your day, your life. What’s more, they can be used long or short term.And who doesn’t want to live a more active, fulfilling lifestyle?

Back Braces: Drug-free Relief from Lower Back Pain (LBP)

It is believed that lower back pain is the most common condition for which opioids are prescribed. Perhaps this is why the American College of Physicians (ACP), the largest medical-specialty society in the world, updated its low back pain treatment guideline in 2017 to support non-medicinal treatments for LBP to include things such as the back braces and back stabilizers offered by Synergy.

What Sets Synergy Back Braces Apart?

These days, back braces are far more technologically advanced than the thick leather belts worn by weightlifters in your grandparent’s day.Today’s cutting edge back braces such as those offered by Synergy are manufactured with reinforced nylon spring stabilizers to give flexible support and comfort. Other therapeutic benefits include:

  • Relief from acute injury or chronic back issues
  • Help maintaining healthy posture and alignment
  • Blood circulation promotion
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Pain alleviation
  • Swelling reduction
  • Mobility improvements

Synergy Has a Back Brace That Is Right for You

Synergy offers a variety of back braces and back stabilizers.Whether it is the Back Stabilizer Premium Brace 7″, Back Sleeve Therapeutic Support, or Tall Back Stabilizer Premium Brace 9″,you can expect to experience relief from acute injury or chronic back issues regardless of which back brace you decide is right for you.Synergy’s back braces are also offered in a variety of sizes, so there is one that is perfect for your needs.

Made with Breathable, Anti-bacterial Fabrics

All of Synergy’s back braces are available in a variety of sizes and features and are made with edge FIR-Technology, an activated Bamboo charcoal with far infrared rays woven directly into the fabric.
Synergy’s FIR-Inside Technology combined with “Comfort First”, breathable, anti-bacterial fabrics help to alleviate pain while speeding your healing process.

Having Lower Back Pain Isn’t Your Fault. Not Treating It Might Be

The back is a complex symphony that involves bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. Anything from picking up a pencil to playing rugby can injure your lower back.Even worrying about your back can make it worse. One thing is certain though: Synergy back braces and back stabilizers can improve your posture, relieve your pain and help you to become productive again.

Call or contact Synergy for more information about the back brace that is right for you.