"Your Wrist Stabilizer has brought an amazing amount of relief to me since I picked one up and can’t recommend this product any higher."

− A. Thompson – Calgary, AB

"I have suffered from tendonitis in my elbow and forearm for years. The Golfers Elbow brace you have is the best I have ever used. I was amazed at how nice it feels and the rapid relief it brought me. Thank you!"

− C. Winters – Hamilton, ON

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“It has been two weeks now and I have been wearing Synergy’s knee support at night as suggested. I do wear it periodically through the day as well. It does seem to help somewhat with my mobility and in general I seem to be able to last a little longer on my legs. There are times when my knees are so painful that my shins actually ache. I have even moved the brace down to my shins! The brace provides a warm sensation which seems to help with that pain as well. My arthritis is quite severe so I do not expect miracles but it has been nice to get some relief! Thanks so much”.
Nancy McGregor, arthritis sufferer


"The result from the clinical trial of Synergy’s hip protectors has been beyond positive. There have been fewer falls with no injuries or fractures due to wearing Synergy’s hip protectors"

− OMNI Health Care

"I recommend the Knee Stabilizer Premium Brace to patients looking for protection after an injury."

− Janice C

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At the completion of the study, 205 falls were reported in 17 retirement homes across Ontario. 40 falls resulted in a critical incident requiring a hospital transfer. The 24 residents who fell wearing Synergy’s Hip Supports, showed no evidence of hip injuries. All 16 residents who fell without Synergy’s Hip Supports suffered a hip fracture, two residents later died.

“The results are very persuasive,” says Shawn Riel, COO of OMNI Healthcare. “We expected a reduction in critical hip incidents amongst those in the pilot but not elimination. In addition to saving lives, we estimate a cost savings of over $900,000 to the healthcare system as a result of this study alone.”

Residents wearing Synergy products also reported having fewer aches and pains while staff noted increased compliance, stability, mobility and fewer falls. Synergy’s Hip Supports received the Ontario Long Term Care Association’s “Innovation Award” and “Quality Award”.

“I am a 48 year old male, and I have been suffering from osteoarthritis for some time now and it has only gotten progressively worse in the last 2 years. I gave Synergy’s hip support a try and have been wearing it at night while I sleep. It’s provided me with comfort and support and I’m not in pain all night…Thanks Synergy!”
Tom Syfdilis, osteoarthritis sufferer.

“As a physiotherapist, I was picky when choosing support for my inversion sprain. SynergyFIR has been both comfortable and functional, just what I needed to remain active while healing. It provided some stability as well as mobility and allowed me to exercise and traverse uneven terrain, giving me some peace of mind that I wouldn’t re-injure while doing so. Thank you!”
P. Lane, Toronto Physiotherapist.

"I decided to try your far infrared back brace. I wore it regularly for one week and experienced relief and comfort. Whatever formula you incorporated into this product seems to be effective"

− L. Coolich

"I sprained my wrist 10 days before a Tough Mudder competition. As I was team captain and the only veteran mudder, I had to go anyway. I purchased one of your wrist stabilizers and hoped for the best. Climbed over walls, logs, up and down ropes, through tunnels - would never have tried it without your wrist support. I thought that I would have to throw it out by the end, but it washed right up and doesn't even have a hole in it. What a fantastic product, I'm so impressed with your product - it enabled me to do a 12 mile muddy obstacle course! Unbelievable"

− Wendy Gaskill

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“I recommend Synergy’s FIR bamboo braces and supports for many of my high-performance athletes and patients suffering severe chronic pain. Synergy’s FIR products complement my chiropractic treatment providing necessary support while accelerating healing between appointments. Many of my patients say wearing Synergy supports at night helps with pain and gives them better mobility”.
Dr. Paul Biondich, BSc.Kin, DC

“I wore the elbow support last night (and have it on now), and already I can feel a difference. I get a lot of pain stemming from my bicep and this support covers enough of that area that I had noticeably less discomfort last night which was wonderful. Highly recommend!”
Suzi Fevens, CFP FIS & NWL, CCAA-SFIC, CALA, Yoga & Licensed Zumba Instructor