Wrist Premium Brace

$39.99 CAD

Ideal for weak or injured wrists, provides comfort and support. Can be used while exercising or post-exercise.

Product Description

Removable metal spoon splint with padding to hold wrist in a natural straight position. Adjustable Velcro closure with wide ventilated elastic Velcro strap for custom fit and comfort. Gel support in palm for added comfort.

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Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions18 × 9 × 5 cm

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Synergy Multi-Compression slimming garments are engineered to work with the body’s natural contours, giving you a flattering shapely look and feel, no more bulges.
The exclusive Multi-Compression construction complements the body’s natural movements making the look and feel a truly uplifting experience.
Made with Bamboo Rayon, infused with FIR Inside, Synergy Wear works with the body’s energy by activating water molecules in the blood, stimulating blood flow. The increase in blood flow targets near and around cellulite prone areas, which in turn helps burn calories.

The combination of the fabrics used and the special knit wicks moisture from the body for maximum comfort and support.
Synergy Multi-Compression slimming products with Bamboo Rayon FIR Inside knitted material may dramatically reduce or eliminate the appearance of cellulite.
FIR Inside anti-bacterial properties are complemented by the knit in helping to maintain body temperature in both warmer and cooler conditions. Look Great, Feel Great… with the combination of FIR Inside and our Multi-Compression knit.