People consider wearing a knee brace for many reasons, ranging from injury avoidance to injury recovery. Knee braces offer additional comfort and support for your knee and are often used by people suffering from arthritis, sports or work injuries, or from overuse. Synergy offers a range of knee braces, that when worn properly, and coupled along with stretching and other treatments can help to reduce pain and speed your recovery.

What Sets Synergy Knee Braces Apart?
Not all knee braces are created equal. Designed for everyday use, Synergy therapeutic knee braces are made with leading-edge FIR Technology, a patented open cell foam material known as Poliyou™, which is similar to bamboo fiber, is also used in Synergy Knee Braces. Poliyou™ material inhibits the growth of bacteria and is extremely comfortable to wear.Synergy’s FIR Technology combined with breathable, anti-bacterial fabrics help to alleviate pain, while enhancing your body’s natural healing process.

In addition to providing great support for weak, unstable or sore knees, Synergy knee braces also:

  • Promote blood circulation
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Alleviate pain
  • Reduce swelling
  • Increase mobility.

Does Synergy Have a Knee Brace That Is Right for Me?
Available in a variety of sizes and with different support functions designed into different models, Synergy has a knee brace that is perfect to suit your recovery or therapeutic needs. Sizes vary according to model, but their lineup is certainly impressive.

Synergy knee braces are designed for both men and women, intended to support or aid in various recoveries, with pain relief being the ultimate goal. In addition to being comfortable, Synergy knee braces provide support for weak, unstable or sore knees. Support for both sides of your knee as well as improved tracking is provided by Synergy knee braces.

Synergy Keeps Your Comfort and Recovery in Mind
Consider the Women’s EASYFIT Knitted Knee for example. Your comfort has been kept in mind when Synergy designed your knee brace. That is why it is both soft and flexible, offering both upper and lower adjustability. There’s also a molded gel patella to allow for improved tracking.

But Don’t Different Knees Deserve Different Knee Braces?
Yes, of course, and that is why Synergy offers several different knee braces, with different support options being available. Fit, of course, is important, and that is why most of Synergy’s knee braces are offered in a variety of sized. After all, no two knees are the same.

When Synergy designed their knee braces, their goal was to provide support for knees, encouraging natural movement and strength building. They are definitely sold on the power of FIR Technology as a complement to more traditional recuperation therapies such as therapy.

We all know that ultimately the power for change lies within, but most of us need a reminder or hand up from time to time. There is a power within you, there is a power without. Let’s get your healing party started!

Some of Synergy’s knee braces include:

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